Brake Flush Importance


One of the most overlooked systems of your vehicle is the brake system. Most people do not think about their brake system unless they are getting a squealing noise, vibration from warped brake rotors, or warning lights. When actually it needs routine maintenance just like the rest of your vehicle. The most overlooked item is your brake fluid condition. Over time, usually around two years the brake fluid has started to break down and be contaminated. The rubber seals in the master cylinder start breaking down and these flakes get passed throughout the brake system with the fluid. Also moisture gets in the fluid which leads to possible items rusting on the interior. One way of quickly checking the brake fluid condition is by the color. Brake fluid is almost clear and will darken over time, and appear black. If your brake fluid is black it is time to have your system flushed! Spending around $100 every couple years can prevent thousands in ABS/Traction control component failures. With today’s complex braking/traction control systems brake fluid condition is even more important to maintain a properly operating system.