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Smart, honest, affordable

Feb 10, 2017 by Susan Webb

Had a headlamp out-- second time in less than a year. Had also had a brake light out very recently, and was simultaneously having a problem w/ the radio 'popping' off and on. So when the headlamp went out again so soon, I started thinking there was a wiring problem.
John replaced the headlamp, and then went on the internet to look at my car's wiring diagram, to see if there was any correlation. There didn't seem to be any correlation. He also checked the fuses and, since the radio was working at that time (of course), he waited for it to 'pop off.' Of course it didn't happen because there's some kind of car repair Murphy's law: that-no-problem-shall-happen-in-front-of-the-Mechanic. He used simple logic for the diagnosis: No correlation between the lights and radio; no blown fuses; it must be faulty radio. I was impressed w/ his logic-oriented diagnosis and the very affordable price he charged for changing the bulb and then spending another half-hour chasing the radio ghost. For as long as I live in Columbia, Tn., he will be my mechanic.


Oct 07, 2016 by Mike Kiggins

Brought my car in with an electric problem two other repair shops could not fix. Within 30 minutes he had me back on the road. Problem solved. An experienced, honest and all around good guy. If you have an automotive problem bring it here. An all around fantastic business.

Aug 11, 2016 by Randy McCall

John is the most honest mechanic I have ever met He is like a member of our family ! We had a 96 Mercedes S class which had all kinds of issues and I had someplace else replace the transmission and it was a nightmare. I took it to John and he not only fixed it but went to bat for me with the other place and they ended up giving me some of my money back for what they screwed up He always tries to get u up and running ad soon as he can Where ever u live it's worth the drive. !!!

Aug 11, 2016 by Randy McCall

John is the best , most honest mechanic we have ever met !He's like a member of our family. I had a 96 S class Mercedes that had constant problems and John was the only one that could fix the problems tight the first time but he can fix anything and is very very reasonable He values your money as if it was his and he will tell u the truth about what the priorities are if u can't swing fixing everything at once. Simply the best around. Glad I live here and he's close but even if I didn't I wouldn't let anybody else touch our vehicles !!!!!!

Jun 09, 2016 by Steve Halloway

John does great work! Very knowledgable on my Mercedes SLK.

Jun 03, 2016 by Brian Gallas

I have a 2000 Mercury Villager that has had one headlight out for over a year. It’s not the bulb; it had to do with something called a lighting control module, which is no longer available as a replacement part, anywhere. I’ve gone to three different, reputable auto service centers and they all said they couldn’t do anything with it. The last one referred me to Mosier, so I tried him. They said “he’s a detail oriented guy and he’s always been able to fix everything we ever sent him”, so I went there. We were about to go on a trip to Florida for vacation, and would be driving mostly after dark on Saturday. I was afraid I was bound to get a ticket somewhere along the way for having a headlight out. I’m lucky it hasn’t already happened. We’ve just been trying to avoid driving it after dark, but it’s our main family minivan. It’s an older vehicle but runs great and I was so frustrated that nobody could fix a stinkin’ headlight. When I met John Mosier, I could tell right away he was the right guy. He quickly analyzed the situation and said he would have that headlight working, one way or another, in time for us to drive to Florida. It was Wednesday morning. Sometime after six that evening he called me and said it was ready to go. He went into great detail about everything he learned about our lighting system and how he created a way for it to work. I could tell he treated this as a challenge that he meant to conquer. And he did. He even helped brainstorm some other ways to install a lighting system if this one fails to continue working. He actually put way more time and effort into this than he charged me for. He is just an honest, smart guy – a true craftsman. I have found the mechanic I will go to when nobody else seems to be able to fix something. Heck, I should probably go to him for everything else, but I do live in a different town. It is worth the drive, though.

May 27, 2016 by steve halloway

John does great work! Highly recommend his service center.

, USA 5.0 5.0 7 7 Had a headlamp out-- second time in less than a year. Had also had a brake light out very recently, and was simultaneously having a problem w/ the radio 'popping' off and on. So